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Community Engagement in Colombia

Once known for the bad reasons, Colombia is now a safe place for travelers and a destination of choice you will fall in love with. Even though, the country is still fighting with many social issues including poverty, inequality, woman’s rights, displacement, work conditions, education, etc. This is where you can give us a hand trying to get things better.

In 2014, Santo Tomas University in Tunja founded a social center in one of the poorest neighborhood of the city, working jointly with the local community. The center is now a space where families and friends can meet and attend academic activities or practice various sports like football, volleyball, basketball, rugby and ultimate frisbee. Families that normally don’t have the money to offer themselves classes and social activities can now benefit from free academic lessons and sport activities. This is just one example of the social projects we a working on, as there are many other opportunities like this to get involved in the local communities. This way, we are fighting social issues through education and social involvement of the community concerned by those problems.

Who can volunteer

We welcome both men and women over 18 years old. Since the social center is partnering with the University Santo Tomás, the experience might be more enlightening for University students, but we are ready to host persons from different backgrounds and there is no maximal age to participate in the program. The volunteers should have at least a very basic knowledge of Spanish since most of the population in Colombia does not speak English at all. We are looking for candidates that have the following characteristics:
• Highly motivated
• Open-minded
• Versatile
• Ready to take on new challenges
• Willing to learn
• Good sense of responsibility and autonomy
• Respectful to different cultures and willing to learn from these differences

Obviously, the volunteer should be comfortable working with kids of any age. It would also be advantageous if the volunteer would be able to teach English to beginners (though it is not a requirement), as it is one of the activities organized for the youth. Skills in the fields of sports, arts, computers, marketing and communications are also valued. The dates and the duration of the stay of the volunteer are flexible.

Volunteer job

The volunteer will be working with children in community centers. He/she will be responsible for organizing sports activities, teaching English and give any other kind of classes he/she would like to. The volunteer will have to be a model for the children. He/she might also be working a bit in the office, preparing classes, organizing events and helping the Social Projection Unit with their various social projects.

What to expect

A lifetime experience! Volunteers will leave the country having learned as much as the persons they were working with. You should expect to discover a lot about a different culture, to try new food, to learn a language, to learn to dance, etc. We will do everything we can to make this experience complete and rewarding for all volunteers. You should also expect to have a real impact on communities that really need your help.


The projects are managed through collaboration between Santo Tomás University and social communities. The two principal managers of the projects are Boris and Camila. Boris is the director of the Social Projection Unit of USTA while Camila is working for the International Relations Office. Both are very friendly, helpful and welcoming. They can communicate with the volunteers in Spanish, English and Portuguese.


Volunteers will be hosted in one of our participating hosting families. Volunteers have to choose among a list of family so they can find the best match possible. This way, the volunteers get to live an authentic experience, in a warm familial atmosphere.

Accommodation & Food cost

The cost is 550 000 COP per month (190 USD). It includes accommodation with a private room, access to all facilities, Wi-Fi, hot water, etc. It also includes breakfasts and dinners from Monday to Saturday. Unless other agreement with the family, the volunteer is responsible of his/hers own lunches and all meals on Sundays. For your information, a typical lunch in the city costs around 3USD.


We are located in the peaceful city of Tunja. The city is only 130 km from the capital of Colombia, Bogotá. There is no international airport in Tunja, but we can arrange airport pickup at the El Dorado International Airport in Bogotá. The city of Tunja is very charming and has a typical colonial style. Even though it is mostly known for being safe and relaxing, it also offers a lot of cultural events and a good nightlife.

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