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Girls residential center
Our after school program focuses on underprivileged girls who due to various reasons are not able to access quality education or continue their studies at home. The reasons vary from needing to work in the fields, to lack of schools in the villages, family pressure, poor conditions, single parent families, inaccessible villages, caste discrimination and many more. The government of India started these centers in order to address the above problems.For more detailed information you can log onto

Who can volunteer

Only female volunteers over the age of 18 years can apply for the project.

Volunteer job

A volunteer is expected to help the girls aged from 11 years to 18 years old. Volunteer would be required to help in:
* helping in morning assembly.
* helping in cooking with the staff.
* helping in school work, home work.
* helping playing/teaching new games.
* helping doing some vocational training.
The volunteer would be expected to assist/ help along with the permanent staff( female only) at the residential center.

What to expect

* A 100 bed residential complex.
* disadvantaged girls from rural villages.
* Welcoming, warming staff members and girls.
* Common sharing of all the residential facility.
* Sharing of the room with other girls.
* common use of toilets and bathrooms.
* vegetarian meals.
* games, sports in the evening time.
* a routine schedule
* 2 times tea, saturday and sunday off


Mrs. Usha is the in-charge for the hostel. She is supported by other staff, 6 in total to help her. The duties have been assigned to them accordingly. Naveen is the person who will coordinate with the volunteers.


Accommodation shall be provided at the girls residential center only. Volunteer shall be sharing the room with girls. In case if you want to live outside the center it can also be arranged.

Accommodation & Food cost

First month: 20,000 INR( USD 305)
subsequent month: 13,100 (USD 200)


The school is located in a small village named Gangnani, near the town of Barkot. Barkot is a bustling town in the Himalayas and is one of the major pilgrim stopovers to the Yamunotri Temple. Gangnani is a beautiful village en route to Yamunotri, one of the most famous centers of worship in India. Each year lots of people come to visit the temple. There are many other attractions nearby such as: Govind National Park, Saptaal Trek, Yamunotri Hot Springs, Dodital Lake and Lakhamandal - an important temple ruin preserved by Archeological Survey of India. There are also many other sights to see in the region. One can visit these places in their free time, especially on Saturdays and Sundays. Barkot is well connected by good network of roads. The nearest big cities are Rishikesh (a place world renowned for yoga) and Dehradun, the capital of our state Uttrakhand. The average time to travel to Barkot is 4-5 hours from Rishikesh or Dehradun.

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