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Supportive Orphan Home
Supportive SSOH (Previously known as Nandumaya) is a self-sustaining model orphanage and was established 5 years ago. After it was started, many such orphanages were opened in villages where there was lots of land available.

A few professional friends, with KWB groups, have funded these orphanages. Right now the land is rented and the Royal Nepal Friendship Club(RNFC, a local organization) has collected US $ 6000 to build a small house for this orphanage. The kids can stay here as there is a 5 year rental agreement.

Supportive is located 9 km from the main city. It is situated in a village and has a vegetable garden, milking buffalo, 1 goat, 200 hundred female chickens that give 160 eggs every day, and mushroom cultivation. Right now there are 20 children (5 girls and 15 boys), from the age of 1 up to 14 years.

Who can volunteer

Both males and females are welcome. Those willing to stay in the home should be highly motivated to work with the children. You must present a good, moral character and respect the local culture. Volunteers can stay at the home from one week to three months.

Volunteer job

Its very important that volunteers rise by 7:30 in the morning. The children view them as teachers and feel strange if they volunteers sleep in, whilst they must get up and go to school.

If possible help out at the children's local school until 3:30 pm. After school , the children and volunteers have free time until 6 pm - when they rest and play. In the evening from 6:00 pm until 7:30 pm assist with English, maths or moral education.

After 8:00 pm volunteers can do as they wish. They can do either go to their room or read or whatever.

What to expect

The club has envisaged training the non-school-going youths in yoga and income-generating activities. Yoga may help them recover from their distressing past, whilst income-generation will support their life. The children will be encouraged to form friendships at home and abroad and they will be taught to live in harmony and peace. Willing children shall be provided with an education until 12th Grade. However, a natural home is never comparable to any other environment for a child. Hence, if family or other relatives of the children are traced, they will be rehabilitated as far as practicable.


The Royal Nepal Friendship Club (RNFC) initiated this project. The orphanage is run by the couple Mr.Ramesh Lamichhane and Mrs Sarala.


Right now we have 7 rooms in the orphanage (4 on the ground floor and 3 upstairs) and 1 volunteer room. Volunteers may have to share a room with one another. You will be provided with food, tea and an afternoon snack.

Accommodation & Food cost

Under 1 month: US $250
1 month: US $350
Subsequent months: + US $100


Phutung, where the orphanage is located, is 9 km from the main city, Kathamandu. By taxi or car it takes 1 hour and by walking it would be 1:40 min. It is a village where all the farmers live.

The orphanage has a playground, as well as a small river within 2 minutes walk where the kids can go swimming during the summer. There is no internet in the village but there is phone. If volunteers wish to use internet they will need to go into the city centre.

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