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Field of Dreams
We are a very young organisation - we started operating in April 2007. Our organisation comprises of two sister charities based in the U.K. (Child Hope) and the Philippines (Field of Dreams). Our objective is to provide a haven for homeless children.

We are located in Tugbok, Davao and currently look after 27 boys ranging in age from 3 - 18 years. We cater exclusively for boys, as there is already a girls home in Tugbok, run by Polish nuns.
Along with the children's home, we hope to provide comprehensive external recreational facilities to enrich the children’s lives. We are using the balance of the land (approx. 4.5 acres/1.75 hectares) to create a small farm. It will have it’s own livestock - pigs, poultry, a cow, and an extensive vegetable/fruit garden.

Who can volunteer

We do not require any specific skills as long as volunteers are willing to participate and learn in all the activities we currently run. Someone who believes in and is passionate in what they are doing with us makes a big difference in these kids lives.

Volunteer job

We need volunteers, male or female who have love for children, who can assist us with some of the following activities:

· Website design
· Fundraising
· Tutorials
· Gardening and farm management
· Skills enhancement: dancing, drawing, voice lessons, musical instruments, karate etc.
· Assist in kitchen, laundry and help the house mother / father.

What to expect


George Lagandaon Cabaljog is the chairman of the organisation.

Lalaine Cabaljog, George's relative, will communicate with all interested volunteers


The volunteers will stay in the staff room within the compound.

Accommodation & Food cost

Less than a month / first month:US $350
Succeeding month: + US$150

Please be aware the the first month's payment includes a $200 donation, which goes towards the orphanage running expenses.

Field of Dreams lost its main sponsor at the start of 2010, and so has to rely on every extra cent raised by volunteers at the moment to keep closure at bay.


We are close to the major City of Davao, and are located in a semi-rural area known as Tugbok. It is often 29ºC at night & 32ºC-35ºC during the day.

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