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Pag-Amoma Children's Place
PAG-AMOMA is a Visayan word that means "to nurture."

We are a Christian faith-based organization of families committed to a mission for the development of children and families at the margins. This is a lifetime perpetual act of thanksgiving for all that we are and all that we have after surviving life under Martial Law in the Philippines.

Organized in 1984, PAG-AMOMA adheres to interfaith, multi stakeholders, multi pronged development programs with the CHILD as the convergence of all services. We are a DSWD licensed local foundation for children and families.

Our Children's Place is unique compared to other orphanages here in Davao because we are the only ones who are caring for the indigenous children of Davao. All of our children who stay here are coming from the different tribes living in the mountains of Marilog, 27-30 km hike from the city. There are no proper roads to these places.

Who can volunteer

We need volunteers, male or female who have love for children, who can assist us with some of the following activities:

· Fundraising
· Teaching in the community preschools
· Setting up environmentally compatible farming systems in the uplands, including assistance to set up water systems for viullagers when needed.
· Tutoring and helping with the homework needs of children in the Childrens Place
· Assist in kitchen and laundry at the Children's Place.

Volunteer job

2)Pag-amoma Children's Place Inc.: a nurturing home for a "lumad" (indigenous) child who is orphaned, abandoned and neglected or victim of a violent home. This is our newest project with 20 children in our care aged under 12 years.
3) Little Community Playschools: community-based early childhood care and development programs with parents and caregivers. These are located in 4 areas; Maharlika, Ladian, Bagong Silang and Patag, all of which are in Marilog District Davao City. We are helping local para teachers in terms of training, raising food and educational materials to be used and providing minimal subsistence allowances for the para teachers.

4) Networking and Child Dev't Mission Partnerships: nurturing friends and community support groups

5) Filipino Parenting/ Caregiving Support Program: workshops and sessions with parents and caregivers in need of support

Our Dream Programs

1) Mobile Storytelling Program

2) Home Visiting Program

3) Caregivers Exchange Program

What to expect


Elisa Templado is the Executive Director . She stays with the children at the Childrens Place Inc., together with two staff. She will communicate with interested volunteers and welcome them to the Childrens Place .


The volunteers room has an ensuite bathroom and a separate kitchen for volunteers to cook.

Accommodation & Food cost

Less than a month / first month: US $350
Succeeding months: + US$150


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