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Compassion Orphanage
Compassion Nepal Orphanage was started in 2006, during the time of political activism between the Maoists and the Goverment.

We look after 17 orphans, poor lower caste and unprivileged children to give them education and shelter. The children’s backgrounds are full of pain and sorrow. Compassion Nepal helps to educate them, providing them food and accommodation. We will look after them until they finish their university. All children currently go to study in a good school.

The Compassion Nepal Orphanage Home is under the Glorious Mission Nepal. We teach them more about grace, love, faith and peace from the Bible. We encourage kids to go further and follow the teachings of Jesus Christ which changes their life to happiness.

Who can volunteer

Volunteer job

Your Job as volunteer
Volunteers can teach two hours every morning and two hours in the evening. You can also help by teaching the children different games, songs in English, basic education, drawing and other activities. You can help us with writing news, helping to raise funds and other office work.

What to expect


Dev C Katuwal is running the project and Maya Katuwal communicating with volunteers as a Coordinator.


Accommodation & Food cost

Program &Accomodation Fee
Administrative Fee-US$100
This includes:
- Application and Placement Process
- Transportation to and from Airport
- 24-Hour Internet Access at Volunteer Program Office

Private Room: US $300/each month

This price includes meals. If volunteers intend to stay longer than a month, then we will give them a discount.

We have two rooms for volunteers. Internet and phone service are available in the office.

Due to the limited funds of the Compassion Nepal, volunteers are responsible for all costs associated with their travel to Katmandu, visa, health insurance and travel expenses within Nepal.


Compassion Nepal Orphanage is located at Phutung -8 Katmandu. It is 45 minutes drive from Trivuwan International Airport. It is 2 km away from the main road. It is in a lovely and beautiful village.

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