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Kids Worldwide - Blissful Village
Since 2003, Kids Worldwide has been run from the homes of volunteers around the globe. Now it is time to provide a physical office and space from which our ideas and dreams may take wing.

Our Headquarters is based in a small eco-village in Davao, Mindanao called Blissful Village. We aim to promote Neo-Humanist education through providing teacher training programmes in progressive child-centred techniques. We also offer arts, music, environmental and technology programmes to support the local orphanages and schools in the region. And alongside all this, we do our all website admin and publicity work from here too!

We are excited to be able to offer the premises to two dynamic and passionate teachers who wish to bring Steiner education to the southern Philippines. Tuburan Institute started thier kindergarten at our premises in June 2012. The plan is to start with kindergarten and increase one class level each year. Steiner education training workshops for parents and those interested are being offered on a regular basis.

Who can volunteer

We do not require any specific skills as long as volunteers are willing to participate in all the activities we currently run and are ready to show initiative. An open-minded attitude to yoga and meditation are necessary.

Volunteers will assist with some of the following activities:

· Painting and decorating the centre. Handyman skills very relevant at present.
· Office work - maintaining Facebook pages, site publicity, making newsletters etc.
· Helping out where needed in the kindergarten
· Fundraising
· Offering workshops to teachers
· Gardening and path laying
· Giving after school classes and holiday programs to kids in art or musical activities.
· Helping run the "Yoga for kids" program
· Environmental education programs for the local community.

Volunteer job

Music Tuition
We have collected a variety of musical instruments, in which to offer lessons: keyboard, recorders, drums and violins. Children at the orphanages are loaned musical instruments on which to practise and lessons are arranged with local music teachers. Currently children at Pag-Amoma and Field of Dreams have been learning violin and recently Pag-Amoma recieved a collection of native Filipino stringed instruments on which to learn too.

Teacher Training
To encourage the professional development of teachers in order that they may more effectively undertake their teaching duties in their schools, we offer training in:

Reading programmes

Assessment – especially literacy and numeracy

Behaviour management

English language

ICT – teacher upskilling and useful teaching resources online.

Waldorf / Steiner methodology

Environmental Education & Vermiculture Project
There is a huge need for environmental awareness education in the Philippines. Systems related to waste disposal and encouraging separation of garbage need to be implemented in many places. Kids Worldwide volunteers have helped with rubbish clean-up projects at Blissful Village, experimented with solar ovens, and also directed the vermiculture project at Field of Dreams.

Vermiculture, or worm composting, allows you to compost your food waste rapidly, while producing high quality compost and fertilizing liquid. This can then be sold to organic nurseries, which provides another income source for the orphanage, and encourages more environmental friendly practices and disposal of waste.

What to expect

Tuburan Institute
We have provided our premises rent-free to Tuburan Institute, a Steiner inspired school which hopes to provide child centred education training and programs for teachers and children in Mindanao. The kindergarten started in June 2012 and has a passionate and enthusiastic team of committee members and parents.

Yoga for Kids
Run by Arjun, a local artist and yoga teacher, who is now based at our centre. Children learn to still and concentrate thier minds through breath control and fun balancing activities. Yoga education for children is one of the basic tenets of Neo-Humanist teaching philosophy, which we also hope to develop and spread in schools.


Project Managers
Jay Lopena (aka Visnu) is in-charge of the construction of the project and organises transport for the music teachers to the orphanages every week


Volunteers will be accommodated in the upper storey of the centre . You may have to share with one other.

Vegetarian diet is provided and no alcohol is allowed on the premises.

The main construction on the centre finished in July 2011, however there are still a lot of finishing touches that need to be done. You will enjoy beautiful surroundings living in a unique coconut and bamboo house, and partake of high quality facilities. Any help with sanding, varnishing and painting will be MUCH appreciated.

Kate Ericksen is in-charge of communication with volunteers, teacher training projects and website design for Kids Worldwide.

Accommodation & Food cost

Less than a month / first month US $400
Succeeding months + US$250


We are located on the outskirts of Davao, near Davao International Airport - in a community called Blissful Village in Indangan. We are approximately 30 minutes from the city centre, 45 minutes from the two orphanages we currently work with, and a 5 minute walk from the schools which we are assisting.
Indangan still feels rural, although subdivision estates are blossoming on the road out to our place. The people in the area are subsistence farmers, labourers and unskilled workers.

The centre is located in a spiritual minded community: meditation, yoga and vegetarianism are part of the ethos.

We welcome you to come join our vibrant project and spread the spirit of social service to every corner of the globe from our Kids Worldwide headquarters!

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