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Another Hope Children's Ministries
Another Hope Children’s Ministries (AHCM) It is a Non Profit, nongovernmental Organization registered by the Uganda Government (S. 5914/8153). Established in 2006 and in August 2009, AHCM acquired NGO status. AHCM is a faith based child focused organization with main offices in Wakiso district Uganda. Her vision, mission and strategies are listed below;
Vision: AHCM envisions an improved quality of life of Vulnerable Children in Uganda with quality Education, proper Accommodation and Health Care, living a Godly life.
Mission: AHCM is committed to meeting the spiritual and physical needs of vulnerable children in Uganda, through strategic partnership, ministering and undertaking specialized and sustainable child focused initiatives."
Strategies of AHCM: Key strategies of AHCM works aim at giving hope to the orphaned, street children and children from impoverished families in Uganda through strategic partnership with parents, care givers and other child actors; provision of a safe home for the homeless children and to create room for more children, we seek re-union of the homeless with their families or adoption; provision of psychosocial support and counseling for parents, caregivers and children; Development of the spiritual wellbeing of children for better future citizens; formation of strategic partnerships alliances for advocacy of children’s and women’s rights; Investing in education for children, income generating activities for women and strengthening evidence based programming and policy research.

Who can volunteer

• Teachers for both kindergarten, elementary, secondary, and vocational school (classes are taught in English)
• Instructors for computer skills classes, entrepreneurship and leadership training.
• Doctors, nurses, medical and nursing students to conduct health related workshops.
• Social workers and counselors
• Administrative work
• HIV/AIDS, nutrition, and public health educators
• Individuals with fundraising experience or with willingness to take on this challenge
• Grant writing and research
• IT and library skills to help manage the computer center and the community library
• Physiotherapists and those with skills of mental disability
• Those with Farming experience

Volunteer job

• Bathing the children
• Reading to the children
• Helping with Home work help
• Counselling the children
• Playing with the children
• Administering vitamins to the children.
• Home visiting of the supported children.
• Accompanying the sick children to hospital.
• Washing clothes and utensils
• Cleaning the home
• Singing and listening
• Teaching the children computer
• Fundraising
• Gardening / Farming
• Helping in Administration of the organizations
• Helping to update the children’s information
• For Christians teaching the Bible and preaching
• Construction
• Painting

What to expect

Our Current projects include the following:
• Education support: The organisation pays fees for the children both the accommodated and the community children. Children are also provided with scholastic materials.
• Water tank construction: Rainfall water harvesting tanks are constructed for families with children especially in areas of water scarcity where the wells are located far away.
• Children’s home: Shelter is provided to the vulnerable children, the abandoned, missing and stranded, those who are tortured.
• Women’s groups: These are engaged in Art and Craft ,
• Art and craft: The children are taught to do beads, baskets which are sold
• Counselling and guidance : Children are talked and guided on the various social, spiritual and academic issues
• Health care provision to children: All sick children are attended,taken to hospital and ensuring that they take their medication,
• Family support: Families of children are economically strengthened ,they are provided with food
• Farming: The home has various farms where children engage in farming food for home consumption like potatoes , bananas, beans ,cassava ,maize.
• Vocation School: It is currently under construction


The two Directors ; Kasozi Danie and Nambowa Ruth Bulyaba run the project and they coordinate the volunteer activities with the help of the Finance and Administration Officer Madam Cissy Kusemeza.


For details about the volunteer program: manuals, accommodation, travel, associated costs, etc, visit:
We are here to talk, we usually discuss on the costs. We love you to come and volunteer so we do everything possible

Accommodation & Food cost

Under 3 weeks: US $250

1st month: US $350

2nd month: + US $250

3rd month:+ US $150

Subsequent months:+ US $150


Another Hope Children’s Ministries is located in Kkona West Village, Wakiso Sub-County, Wakiso District. We are located in a remote area despite the fact that we are not far from Kampala District. It is some distance from the main town of Wakiso District, so volunteers need to take into account that they will need to catch public transport to go to and fro town or Kampala when they wish but where we can a vehicle can be provided if told in time and if the volunteer can fuel it. .

Wakiso District is the neighbouring Kampala District and we do most of our shopping from Kampala

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