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A significant number of children are out of school for reasons ascribed to poverty , inadequate facilitation of schooling environment that are not ideal for learning, including (sexual) abuse and inadequate parental care. Orphaned children and those not living with their biological parent are at a greater risk of missing education. About 82% of children in Sierra Leone experience some form of violent discipline. Abuse and exploitation of children contribute to some children running away from home, living and working in the street and therefore been unable to access basic services like education and shelter. This contributes to children not receiving adequate care and some children living and working in the street. These children are at high risk of engagement in child labor inappropriate for their ages and do not have proper access to education.
A common denominator in the abuse of children is the quest for education by poorer families offering their children to family member or Relative living in big towns and cities for better education and quality life. But sadly enough, these children often mistreated and marginalized. Instead of educating them, they are rather been used for commercial gains- selling sachetwater in the street whiles their relative’s children are going to school. Worse still, they are kept at home for child labor doing all kind of chores. Whiles in these conditions, the girl-child in most cases ended up been abused and impregnated which statistically increase the rate of teenage pregnancies, prostitution s and early marriage. While the boy –child may ended up in the street as street child.
Research has shown that Child abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation, are rooted in the social norms upheld by community’s economic challenges that families faced. About 22% of children are not living with their biological parents. And 13% of children have at least one parent deceased. Children without their parent are more at risk for abuse, violence, neglect and exploitation which makes the phenomena a social challenge.

Sources: Statistics Sierra Leone- 2013 DHS Survey
Agenda for Prosperity Document: pillar6

Who can volunteer

We are looking for Highly Motivated Volunteers with a keen interest to Child development; a good sense ofhard work, patience and a strong lobbying power to influence partnership overseas. The successful volunteer will automatically become the Ambassador of the project after the whole volunteering exercise (volunteering Coordinator) and will be working with Our Management Team for subsequent Projects.
However, we urgently need individuals with experience in the following fields:
 Individuals with fundraising experience or with willingness to take on this challenge
 Any volunteer with web developing experience
working in the community to know more about the project
 Social workers and counselors
Teachers for both kindergarten and elementary, (classes are taught in English in any subjects, Teaching experience is not a necessity)
 Field Research and proposals (University Students preferably Social Work/Sociology/Psychology students writing thesis in qualitative or quantitative Research are highly welcome but not a criterion to this projects.

Volunteer job

 The specific task of the volunteer is to help the organization strengthen its Child protection Delivery System by ensuring the most poor and vulnerable children are afforded an equal opportunity to access basic services especially education, feeding and shelter

 Provide support to teachers working hand in hand with Kindergarten and elementary teachers.
 Write a volunteer weekly report.
 Field research and need assessment survey
 Active participation in communities in providing community-based care and emotional support for orphan children
 Conducting workshops on community development, Child rights awareness etc.
Conducts seminars on entrepreneurship and leadership training for students and local residents.
 ATTENTION! It is important that Volunteers contact the Project Director soonest at so as to help draft and prepare workshop Modules.

What to expect

volunteers are expected to visit schools where the organization operates. they are to work with teachers. you may as well go out on field trip with our social workers visiting slum communities to speak with children , hearing them tell their own stories and likely impact volunteers will make .


JawardBorbor Khalil: is the project director a sociologist who has a deep knowledge in community development and all his work has revolved around building local capacity through his sociological skills and result ventures. He has facilitate many workshop activities for communities

Edwin Peacock: is a psychosocial worker who has good knowledge in psychosocial counseling. He has counsel many juvenile about mental health and transformed them from violence to peaceful citizens with a purpose driven life. He is currently working at our Rehab Centre
(City of Rest)

Daniel Kamara: work as a field officer a young social worker with a strong passion to social work. He has extensive knowledge about street kids, he is our man in the field who most of the times discovers new cases and develop a profile for the management to intervene.


Provision for Apartment can be arranged at the resident of the project director, we recommend that you stay with the project director. But if you so desire to have your privacy Accommodation can be arranged in a guest house for reasonable and affordable prices. For field visit, Volunteer will from time to time go out of the city and stayed with local people for one week in the province. Lodging will be arranged in a clean and simple room with Generator to supply electricity.

Accommodation & Food cost

Accommodation & Food Cost
For Accommodation and food cost, meet the project director for better arrangement. But for transparency accommodation and food estimate can be breakdown;

Guest House - $ 400 for One Month.
Food is free, but for dietary restrictions like vegetarians and others who may prefer varieties, we advise you communicate that earlier as possible to the project director for special arrangement.


Our organization, Social Relations And After Care- SRAC is located at the heart of Freetown the capital city of Sierra Leone. Our working environment most likely consist of children living in coastal area around the city where there are lot of cluster settlements (Slums) We work circumspectly to monitor and evaluate activities of children in the slums and traces their background with occasional visit to the provinces. Our field officers most often work at night in the street to rescue street children.
After a day’s Job you can escape the din of the city and go for a sun set around the beautiful beaches in the peninsular

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