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Educate pastoralist community
We are a community based organization based in Northern Kenya. We are offering volunteering opportunities with school children, non-school going children, as well as morans and others. The foundation has various programmes consisting of an “Informal Education/Advisory Programme”, a “School Programme”, a “Business Programme” and a “Community Building Projects Programme”. The first involves health, life skills, literacy etc. advise, whereas the second is based at New Dawn Primary School which has a huge lack of teachers, classrooms and resources. It also addresses issues like parents’ ignorance and tries to bring those who are in the bush looking after goats back to school.
Many children don't get the chance to attend school, and are rather sent to the bush to either await child marriage (even booked as newborns by old men), and/or to graze lifestock.

Who can volunteer

Anybody who likes children and/or wants to make a difference regardless of age or skills can volunteer with us. We will find an activity suitable to you.

Volunteer job

You can teach school children in a class-room setting to supplement the lack of teachers (2 for 6 classes), provide one-one tuition for especially needy (standards of most pupils is well below country average), or organize extra-curricular activities.

What to expect

This is one of the few volunteering opportunities based in Northern Kenya where cultural beliefs and practices are still very much alive, within pastoral communities (Rendille), and you will get to live within, experience and see people wearing a lot of beadwork/manyattas all around the clock. On top, the project is located just around a Game Reserve with lots of animals like lions, elephants, antelopes etc.


The organization is managed by the two co-founders Wilfred Anunda and Marion Ziller, and was founded after thoroughly assessing the area and its needs.


You can choose between homestay or volunteer house in walking distance to the project sites. A mixture of international and local meals is included.

Accommodation & Food cost

20,000 ksh


The project is located in Merille, Eastern Province of Kenya. There is a brand new EU funded highway from Nairobi.
It takes ca. 6h by bus from Nairobi.

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