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Triumph International School was established in January 2000. The school comprises of a pre-school department (nursery and kindergarten), primary and junior high schools. Children's ages range from 2years to about 15years and it is a mixed school.
Since 2003, Triumph has turned out junior high school graduates who mostly furthered their education in senior high and technical schools. The school is located at Mowire in the Afigya-Kwabre district of the Ashanti region of Ghana. Though Mowire is about 15 kilometres from central Kumasi, it is a rural settlement close to Kodie, the capital of the Afigya-Kwabre district. The mission of the school is therefore helping to educate rural and semi-rural children to have improved and wider opportunities to higher education and the needed exposure.
The school runs a small boarding house and at a time, about twenty to forty children live at the boarding house. The boarding house consists of one room each for boys and girls and another room for a teacher.

Who can volunteer

Triumph welcomes anyone who has the ability to enrich the lives of the kids in the school. Teachers, social workers and all those who would wish to taste the teaching experience, in or out of the classroom are welcome. Also, people who have skills in playing musical instruments will be useful.

Volunteer job

Assisting teachers by helping to prepare teaching activities, teaching classes themselves (if or when they feel ready), assisting children with learning difficulties, helping children at the boarding house with their home assignments, teaching or playing games with children, etc.

What to expect

Assistance and guidance will be provided for volunteers who wish to see the city (interesting places and tourist sites like the Bonwire kente-weaving factories, Manhyia palace, the cultural centre, the central market - largest market place in West Africa, amongst other places).
Again, various avenues will be given to teach various forms of art and sports such as dance, music and creative design, if a volunteer so desires.

The Academic calendar starts from September and ends in August:-
Term 1: Mid-September to mid-December
Term 2: Early January to early April
Term 3: Mid-May to early August
In the event of volunteers' schedules entering into vacations, there are always more than enough people to keep you company. Also, during the the third term, vacation classes are organized for the students and volunteers may choose to assist teachers or play with the kids.


The school is managed by the proprietors Peter and Gladys Oduro, with the help of teachers in the school. Teaching staff meetings are held periodically to strategize for the future and evaluate work done. Input in the form of suggestions and ideas are highly appreciated and welcome from volunteers.


Volunteers are accommodated in the proprietors' house, together with the family. The house is located on the school campus. Clean rooms with beds are available and depending on the number, volunteers of same sex may be paired. There is running water and electricity, though electricity in Ghana may be unreliable sometimes. Volunteers will be fed with food prepared in the house, offering meals that are discussed with volunteers.

Accommodation & Food cost

Under one month - $300
One month - $400
Two months - $500
Three months - $600
Each additional month - +$50


Mowire, where the school is located, is about 15 kilometres from central Kumasi. Volunteers can fly from Accra to Kumasi, but the 5 to 6 hours bus ride will be a good experience for the volunteer and also cheaper. Volunteers are fetched from the bus terminal in Kumasi to the project. Mowire lies in the Savannah zone of Ghana. Vegetation can be found around the school, with wonderful natural scenery around us.

Past Volunteer Experience

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