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Sierra Leone West Africa, a country that has been
ravaged by war and Ebola epidemic. Country whose children are suffering. Country whose need for water highly increases in the rocky hilly sides of the capital city during February - June each
year. Country where the need for water in the upland countryside savannah communities intensify during the dry season (November-June) from February to early June each year. In the capital city the need for water is so very high that thousands of children between the ages of 7-12 and 13-18 especially girls do sleep along the streets and corners of Freetown and its suburbs in search of water from water well owners who sells the water at a very high cost due to an increase in demand of water. Thousands 0f children (girls)between the ages of 10-15 and 15-18 have lost their virginity, pride and some even get impregnated in fight to get easy access to water. We have no community water taps and the national government cannot provide enough water to meet the needs of the people. This is a very serious concern that requires earliest intervention of volunteers and donors so as to salvage the situation. Helping the children.

Who can volunteer

We need male and female volunteers who are willing and ready to help at all cost.Volunteers and donors who will provide funding for water wells within the communities so that children and women can access water all times. This project will serve the community people at a very lower cost and the funds raised shall be for the maintenance of the water facility.
If the children can get access to water wells where they will fetch water quickly and easily they will have enough time to study and also be free from violence and sexual exploitation.

Volunteer job

Other expert water engineers can volunteers to:
Assist in well drilling.
water pipes installations
water maintenance and equipments handling training.
Conducting water treatment workshops.

What to expect

support water well projects.
support community micro finance projects.
support and raise funding for the SAVE A CHILD project even before coming.


Mr.Collins Forest Rich is the project coordinator and director. Mr.Rich sees the daily suffering of the children between the ages of 6-10,11-15 carrying hundreds of liters of wateron their heads everyday. During the dry season the child labour act is not respected nor applied here. Therefore Mr. Rich decided to establish this project (SAVE A CHILD)so as to help address the needy of the children and community by seeking for funding for the provision of water wells that will provide water at a very low cost.The money raise from the sales of water will be use for maintenance and surplus funds shall be use for helping vulnerable kids projects.


Accommodation: (HOME STAY) Accommodation is simple but spacious. There are mosquito nets over the beds and one volunteer to a room. There are 9 people living in our apartment. The house is located within the community. We shall make sure that you drink purified water throughout your stay. The national electricity power supply is not constant and there is community water wells, where clean water is usually fetched for washing of clothes and bathing. There is also a small petrol generator which may be used to generate electricity in the absence of power. There is a comfortable bedroom. There are three flush toilets for the home. During the rainy seasons water for washing is collected from the house roof. Accommodation is free.

Accommodation & Food cost

Volunteers responsible for their living expenses.


The people in these communities and its surroundings are very peaceful though sometimes cruel to the girl child during the dry season when the need for water increases to the highest peak.People are receptive and nice to strangers, especially to those who will come to help their children. There are though some acts of violence on children during the dry season when they goes out in search of water.No stealing no fighting . Wellington is in between Kissy and Calaba town. Wellington is located in the eastern part of Freetown .On the other side of Wellington is the sea and the island-like airport. The communities are set up on some of the most beautiful hills of Freetown; although its roads are rough to walk on. These communities has a population of about 7-8 thousand people. The people who live in these communities are made of all the tribes in Sierra Leone. They are very friendly and welcoming, although poverty is high. Electricity supply is not constant and water is fetched from wells during the dry season in November- June. The people in these communities speak Krio (pigeon English) and British English.

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