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Volunteer with childcare
Our organization is a community based school dealing with baby care from poor backgrounds.We have about 25 children we are taking care of in terms of food and clothing.

Who can volunteer

Any volunteer aged 18 years and above.

Volunteer job

In addition to teaching, you will help assist with the general running of the daily chores. Other tasks include teaching, cooking, cleaning, caring for children and assisting with feeding programs.

What to expect

Educational Realities in the slums
Your first day at the school will open your eyes to the shortfalls of education in slums in Kenya. There is little equipment besides desks and chairs. From an early age children are taught to be obedient and never to question people older than them. Teachers tend to use beating as a common method of punishment (despite requests not to) because it was the way they were taught – a sad consequence of colonialism.


At the top is the Board of Directors of the organization. The Board is a legal requirement in order to get it officially registered with the local authorities . Board meetings are kept closed, though written proceedings, reports and minutes may be made public for transparency purposes.
A board may be responsible for a number of tasks, for example hire and supervise the Executive Director, develop and approve budgets, etc. Board members will be expected to champion the organization's cause, and represent the organization to the larger community. Board members to help raise fund for their projects .
Next comes the Executive Director, who may also be called by other names such as Coordinator, Chief Operating Officer, or CEO. He or she is responsible for the overall direction in which the NGO moves, and the responsibility for managing the day-to-day activities of the NGO. The Executive Director is also member of the board - usually its Executive Secretary. He or she reports to the Board.
The Board of Directors and the Executive Director may be assisted by advisors. These advisors are optional, but are useful to create a good image of the NGO, and enhance its "brand name" besides providing specialist advice for the NGO.

Board of directors-director-project manager-social work-teachers-teachers community association.


Volunteers can expect to share a bedroom​ ​​with two to four other volunteers, comprised of single beds and bunk beds with​ ​bedding provided. Living is comfortable and most homestays have electricity,​ ​running water and western bathrooms.

Accommodation & Food cost

$100 per week
$400 per month
$750 for two months
$1000 for three months


Kenya is one of the most popular destinations of the world visited by many tourists and nature enthusiasts. The Kenyan people are very warm and friendly towards foreigners.
Volunteers are informed about the necessary safety precautions during the Orientation session as well as in the pre-departure information guide. You will have the assistance and support of the in-country coordinator in Kenya.

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