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Sports education
The Sports Education project is designed for volunteers who have passion for sports and wish to work with children in schools, but would prefer not to spend all their time teaching in a classroom. On the Sports Education project you will help to broaden the children’s knowledge of sports, teach foreign sports, and educate the children on general fitness, health and wellbeing.

Who can volunteer

Volunteers need to be 18 years or over to participate, unless volunteering with a parent or guardian. All volunteers are required to have adequate volunteer travel insurance.

Volunteer job

While football/soccer is extremely popular in Africa, many volunteers have found it rewarding to teach the children other sports from their home countries, such as baseball, lacrosse, basketball, cricket and rugby. If you wish to teach a foreign sport, you will need to plan ahead and bring the required materials and equipment with you, as it is unlikely you will find this equipment at the local stores in Kenya. You do not need any previous teaching experience to participate on the Sports Education project, however it is important to note that you may be required to teach other classes during their project, such as Math, English, Science or Social Studies (Geography and History).

What to expect

Volunteering for self-development and learning.

Volunteering overseas will most probably give you growth in your personal development. You will be able to improve on your English skills (or isiXhosa skills if you're volunteering in Kenya ). You'll learn how to share a house with 4 other students or volunteers. You might learn how to cook something new or deal with challenging circumstances. You might learn how to teach youth without speaking their language, or how to keep a rowdy crowd of 60 children in line. All are potentially valuable lessons that, for some, will stay with them for a lifetime.
Expectations for the volunteer service provider.

You paid for a program and should be able to expect quite a lot for your payment - after all you are financially contributing towards your stay and everything you need during your stay. You can expect to be picked up upon arrival, to be given a proper introduction, to be supervised and assisted during your stay, to be fed and housed properly and to have an organization that is clear about where your funds go. You can expect that your chosen provider is properly insured, has well-maintained vehicles, and staff that is qualified to do their job.

Your experience might make you reconsider your thoughts about what’s really important in life, you might have a different view of your chosen study path, or will meet new people that will change your life forever. You would not be the first person who will make new friendships for life or even come home with wedding plans! What you can certainly expect is that it will be an experience that gives you very valuable lessons in life and add value to your personal growth as a person.


24/7 support is given to a volunteer until he/she finishes the volunteering program.


Volunteers are accommodated in homestays with local families, who have been​ ​approved by our local ​team. Volunteers can expect to share a bedroom​ ​​with two to four other volunteers, comprised of single beds and bunk beds with​ ​bedding provided. Living is comfortable and most home-stays have electricity,​ ​running water and western bathrooms. ​

Accommodation & Food cost

1 week $100
2 week $200
3 week $300
4 week $400
These includes accommodation and three meals a day.


from Moi international airport .volunteers will be picked by the volunteer coordinator.

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