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Are you interested to work in preschool and change the life of children?
Great Hope is non-profit preschool, which is legally pre-approve as a progressive Day Care saves children from family with low income at Morombo area in Arusha, Northern Tanzania.
The door is open for the people who are motivated and interested to assist our students in care and little learning. English is our media of communication.
We serve children from family with low income so,this is pure and nonpayment volunteering, we do not pay any compensation to volunteers.
Volunteering is free, and takes a special dedication to work under our challenging environment but is very rewarding.
Please if interested contact us through provided contacts below, we also invite you to visit our Facebook page: Great Hope School - Community development base – CDB for photos and videos of our activities.
Welcome Great Hope School

Phone +255757347624

Who can volunteer

Any one who is motivated in children development and interested to work in Tanzanian preschool.

Volunteer job

1. Providing basic education to the children (Teaching English, Math, Science, Art, Basic computer application)

2. Assist the kids in sport and game

3. Share any idea or advice which may lead to school and children development.

4. Perform any other work at the center as it will be required (Eg preparing lunch for children), this is optional.

5. Provide seminars related to children care and development to parents. This also may be optional.

6. Maintain good relationship between School and parents and community.

What to expect

1. Expect to be busy during working time because children always make us busy.

2. Be a part of Tanzanian community and experience their culture.

3. Certificate of volunteer accomplishment.

4. Be connected with Tanzania community

5. Learning Swahili through our Swahili sessions for foreigners


You will be working with local staffs by follow our school timetable, our timetable may be flexible depend on the existing situation. And our sessions started 8:00 AM until 12:30 noon, some of our students go home for lunch while others stay to school up to evening, for those who go home, they come back at 3:30 PM, even session is optional to attend, you can attend or not.


You will be hosted to home stay, where you will live with our lovely parent family.

Accommodation & Food cost

Accommodation is free of charge, food will depend on your favorite, we advice if you would challenge yourself by enjoy local food with local family where you will be hosted. We advice you to arrange 5 dollar per day as a food contribution to home-stay family, though you may not contribute every day. For modern food it may cost you 10 to 15
dollar per day.


Our center is located in Arusha city, ten minutes from public min bus road.

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