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A Sports Coach in Kenya
Sports form an integral part of local communities and teams often foster a sense of family and identity. Kenyans are sports mad, particularly for football, and many dream of becoming the next star. Unfortunately proper coaching is often lacking, but with a little push sport can help turn desperate communities into ones which believe.

Who can volunteer

Volunteering is all about sharing your love and passion to improve the lives of those in need. The most important volunteer abroad skills and qualification is your passion and willingness to help others. However, keep in mind that whether or not you need skills to volunteer abroad really depends on the type of volunteer program you are planning to join.

Volunteer job

As a volunteer on our sports programme, you will engage in two primary activities: helping with sport education in a local school, and assisting a community team with training and coaching. Your role in the school will often concentrate on assisting a local teacher with sports and PE lessons, helping to engage the next generation in sport.

What to expect

To learn.
To share a specialized skill.
To provide economic support for worthy projects.
To improve cultural awareness.
To enrich retirement.
To learn a new language.
To reassess priorities.
To demonstrate practical acts of solidarity.
To explore a new career
To help.


We have a country coordinator,project coordinator and volunteer coordinator.


Most of our volunteers in Kenya live in our purpose-built volunteer house, supervised and run by our local team. Living in our volunteer house is great fun, and provides the perfect balance between getting involved in a big Kenyan family and having the opportunity to relax with other like-minded volunteers.

Accommodation & Food cost

one week-$150
one month-$400
application fee $50


You will be met by our representative at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in Nairobi from where you are transferred to the accommodations in Nairobi itself. Volunteers who will be already in Kenya or arriving overland would need to give us their contact details so that the pickup can be arranged from a specific location.

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