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Honey Bee School Complex motto is “Early bird catches the worm and we believe each and every child deserves the early and best start in life and education forming a crucial part of this in his/her future career.
The Honey Bee School Complex originally started as an early childhood development center for children aged 1-5years old in 2010. It has gradually extended to the primary level. It is located on a 2 plots of land at Aplaku, a developing suburb of Accra, just near the main road leading to Cape Coast.

The school currently has a population of about 250 children from the surrounding neighborhoods and communities which are a bit far from the school but the school has 2 buses which convey them to and fro.

Who can volunteer

Volunteers of any age preferably female who have a big heart, patience and motivation to teach children from 1-12years old. We also welcome anyone who has the ability to enrich the lives of the kids in the school. Teachers, social workers and all those who wish to taste the teaching experience in or out of the classroom. Also people who have music skills to bring along musical instruments will be useful.

Volunteer job

1. To assist the pre-school teacher to deliver lesson across a range of subjects.
2. Help teachers in the primary department preparing teaching activities and teaching the kids themselves.
3. Assisting the children in learning difficulties
4. Helping the children in their various locations with the school shuttle to the school.
5. If you have any particular area of interest of art, sport, music etc, you are welcome.
6. To become fully immersed into Ghanaian life, to experience the culture and have opportunity to explore surrounding areas.

What to expect

1. Lift up the image of the school high
2. Cordial relationship between the volunteer and the other staff members
3. Able to help administration with computer works
4. Download cartoons and teaching materials for the use of the teachers


Honey Bee School Complex was established in 2010 by Mr. & Mrs. Cornelius Korsorku. Mrs. Clarissa Korsorku spent 5years with the teachers and the kids in the classroom and passed on to glory in 2015 November. Currently the school has a headmaster and an assistant, managing the school and reporting to Mr. Cornelius Korsorku (School Director). The schools have a Parents Teacher Association that must meet once a term to discuss issues concerning the school. The academic calendar starts from September and ends in August and divided in three terms as follows:
1st Term = Mid-September-Mid December
2nd Term = Early January – Early April
3rd Term = Mid May – Early August


Honey Bee School is simple, quaint and given a taste of true Ghanaian livelihood. Volunteers stays in a comfortable bedroom on site ie. the school campus together with the family of the proprietor. There are bedroom which accommodates up to 2 volunteers. It has an adjoining bathroom with a shower and western style toilet. There is running water and electricity available for 24hrs.

Accommodation & Food cost

We really appreciate your gift of time and try to keep cost as low as possible. The initial accommodation cost is about $250.
Current food prices are about
$150 per a week
$600 per a month
$600-700 per 2 months


The neighborhood is a well-developed community. The community is about 10 miles away from the beach and has a serene environment. There is easy access to the hustle and bustle of Accra, less than 30 minutes away from the general hospital. We also have a permanent nurse who takes care of both teacher and children as first and before sent to the general hospital for further treatment. As soon as the volunteer arrives as the Kotoka International Airport, the proprietor will pick her up and send her to the school.

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