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The School is located in Butambala district in central Uganda, and was started by the first missionaries in 1903. With the vision and mission to instill Christian values and also to curve the children minds into a sense of nationalism. The school is registered with the Ministry of education (MoES), as a primary school. The school has classes from Nursery to primary seven (P.7), with a population of 758 children (405 boys and 352 girls), 14 qualified teachers (07 males and 07 female) and 5 workers. The school is supervised and monitored by the Butambala district under the department of education, Gombe Town Council in Butambala district.And the school management committee.
However, universal primary education (UPE) by the Ugandan government and there is a high number of children with little teachers hence we need volunteers who can help us

Who can volunteer

Anyone can volunteer, both males and females: Teachers, social workers etc. are welcome.

Volunteer job

The volunteer may teach in either the primary or nursery school. He or she can assit a classrom teacher by preparing teaching activities.
Major areas: Maths,English, Science,Social studies, Art and craft Music and physical education

What to expect

The staff and parents are friendly and very welcoming!

The Children are between 4 and 14 years old.


The school has a management committee responsible for the day to day activities of the school. They regularly meet in order to lay strategies for the development of the school. You may be invited to those meetings at times.


The school will provide accommodation for the volunteers.
The water system is reliable for the school and visitors.

Accommodation & Food cost

The accommodation and food is cheap. We will discuss once we receive the application.


The school is located in Uganda,Butambala district Gombe town council in Kayenje ward in Uganda (Central Region) along Mpigi-Maddu road,just 57 km from capital city of Uganda-Kampala and it is 60 km from the main airport Entebbe.

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