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West African Volunteer Organization (WAVO)

WAVO is a small organization that grew out of volunteers working together in a village in Ghana. We are serving several projects within Tafo village, including a football academy, cultural centre, and our school. As a volunteer you can choose which areas you would like to help with depending on your skills and interests.

In total, we feed and provide accommodation for 50 children and sponsor almost 50 to attend elementary school. We make a real difference in educating the children of the village, ensuring they have a happy childhood and a bright future. After over a decade of support, 6 of the kids recently graduated college, which is a wonderful achievement for them.

There are many volunteer projects around the world so here are the reasons to choose us:

* High level of trust, guided by over a decade of working with individuals in Tafo. We have spent significant time with folks there and can vouch for the quality of the individuals and the projects.

* Interesting, impactful projects. These include coaching junior athletes (soccer is life), teaching dance at the cultural center, assisting with reading lessons, building better accommodations and infrastructure, and more.

* We are a 100% volunteer organization. This means all fundraising goes directly to the needs of the children, not to organizational overhead, advertising costs, or staffing costs.

* You will find Ghana to be accommodating, safe, and friendly. There are many fun and interesting travel opportunities during your trip here.

* We are flexible regarding dates and lengths of stay. We’ve accommodated visits from one week to one year.

Who can volunteer

We accept volunteers over the age of 18 years old for at least one week. In the past, we have had volunteers stay for as long as one year.

Volunteer job

* Support for girls/ young women in terms of education, rights, empowerment. This is achieved through after school clubs and we are looking to expand here across the region

* Well-being and physical activities for the whole community. This may include a Parkrun, introducing other sports/ academies to the project (Boxing/ Yoga) and additional fitness and well-being for vulnerable groups from Crossfit to Chess!

* Building better accommodations and infrastructure for the kids

* Assisting kids with skills development such as technology, computer usage, or other trades (carpentry, plumbing, electricity)

* Assisting with small business development, including basic entrepreneurship

* Other outreach - we welcome any potential volunteer with a specific subject knowledge that could be of benefit. This could range from agriculture, nutrition and health, personal hygiene to anything else that could be useful.

What to expect

Please see our volunteer handbook here:


In Ghana, the project has been operating since 2004, and specifically run by Ofoso Christian Ansah and Eric Kotey Djane since 2008, with the help of many other local volunteers.

WAVO is a sponsor organization based in the US & UK that has had a relationship with the group in Tafo for over 12 years.


All the volunteers for both projects live together in a nice compound with several separate rooms. There is electricity but rarely running water (think bucket showers). If you are a couple coming to the project together and it is important for you to share a room, please let us know in advance. The Ghanaian mattress is a thick foam pad. We will provide a single bed sheet for your use.

Accommodation & Food cost

$250 per month to cover food, accommodation, and travel. We also ask for volunteers to assist with some amount of fundraising before visiting the project.


The village is about a 3 hour drive north of the capital, Accra.

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