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Trivandrum School and Orphanage
How would you like to do something to really make a difference and enjoy the beauty of nature at the same time? If yes, then our two small schools with 4 resident orphans in Trivandrum may be just the place for you.

Who can volunteer

We prefer female volunteers or a couple. You must have a good, moral character and respect the local culture.

Volunteer job

How you can help:
When you stay with us, you will become a member of our small family for the time you are there, sharing our joys and sorrows, learning about our culture and teaching us about yours. We will give you a place in our hearts, and when you leave us, we will never forget you and will request you to come back year after year.

In India rote learning is the norm and children learn to read and write English but not speak it. So both schools would like you to teach spoken English to their children, as well as songs, games, drama and share any other skills you have.
After school you may be requested to help with homework and teach the orphans and didis more English.

If you wish, you can learn to cook Indian style and help out in the kitchen when you are free, or take the orphans out on an occasional excursion...they will love that! If you can help with fundraising for the development of the two schools, your efforts will also be deeply appreciated. In return we will teach you Indian dance, songs and yoga too, if you wish to learn.

What to expect

You will be asked to teach at both schools on different days of the week. Palkulangra School has around 60 children and is located in a rented building that is really basic - it used to be a horse stable and is in need of lots of repairs. The schoolchildren belong to poor families such as rickshaw pullers, taxi drivers, and market sellers.

Two of the orphans live at the school with Didi Bhavapriya, the school principal, while the other two live at Muthathara. Muthathara School has around 25 children, 2-10 years old. and is located in a building owned by the school. However, facilities are really basic there too and the school is also in need of repair and painting.

The only school materials are a blackboard, some charts and the school course books. Palkulangra School also boasts a single, somewhat worn, computer.


Didi Bhavapriya is our Muthathara school principal, and in charge of the orphanage.

Didi Ananda Sampriti supervises the Palkuranga school. She is extremely hospitable and has gained something of a reputation as a cordon bleu chef among our volunteers. She will be happy to share her skills with you and guide you on all your adventures around the town.

Volunteer Coordinator
Malati is originally from England, but has been working in India for over 20 years, learning about the culture, the languages and about the people. Fifteen years ago she started a program to help provide infrastructure to struggling village schools and has since arranged funds for many schools to help them to become self-sufficient.


Female volunteers can be accommodated at both Muthathara and Palkulangra Schools free, but unfortunately we do not have facilities for married couples. We do our best to help you search for accommodation though. So far most of our couples have stayed at one of the cheap guest houses near the airport, around 15 minutes away by three-wheeler.

Accommodation & Food cost

First month: Rs.20,000(approx Eur 300 / USD 400)

Subsequent months: Rs.6000 (approx Eur 100)


Our Muthathara and Palkulangra Schools are located 20 minutes apart in residential areas of Trivandrum, a beautiful town in southern Kerala which is famous for its backwaters - salt water rivers that run into the sea, flanked by picturesque villages.

Muthathara School is only 15 minutes drive from the airport and beach, and it is lovely to go down there in the evening for a walk along the shore near the fishermen's huts. With many beautiful beaches nearby and Kanya Kumari, the famous rock in the sea, only a couple of hours drive away, Trivandrum is a great place to be.

Two of our volunteers even managed a two hour elephant ride in their free time!

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