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KCS Uganda
KCSU-Kids Closer To Sports Uganda is a unique community tennis grassroots project in Uganda using tennis to empower and educate rural disadvantaged refugee children in Western Uganda.

Who can volunteer

As an organization we need alot of assistance. Wether you are a teacher, a tennis player,a tennis instructor, or just love working with children, KCSU is always looking for individuals to help at our programs.

Volunteer job

As a grassroot project we rely on volunteers volunteer jobs include


KCSU welcomes tennis-enthusiasts of all levels help with lessons, Training Tennis and other events we hold. If you're at least 14 years old and experience teaching or laying tennis, your welcome.

Academic Enrichment

KCSU welcomes volunteers who like to provide academic support and tutoring on weekends,as well as enrichment activities during the school holidays. Activities could include reading, Arts & Crafts, Library, vocation training,etc. Have another idea? We love to discuss.

Teaching children about health awareness.
We welcome new ideas at KCSU your welcome.

What to expect


Hello my name is Benedict Nteza I am 17 years old I'm the director of KIds closer to sports a grassroot tennis project. I started kids closer to sports when I was 13 years old when I was watching TV I saw tennis for the first time the next day I got two used tennis balls and and old racket I decided to try hitting the tennis strokes on the wall 2 children admired me when I was bouncing the tennis ball and asked me whether they could play too I gave them and they enjoyed too the next day a group of children came to me asking that they wanted to bounce a tennis ball. Many children kept coming every day and I decided to use tennis for positive change in my community. Cildren and even some old peoplehave loved the sport and have found joy through the game our village has many needy children, orphans and refugee children the project's presence can help to uplift children's life our mission is to empower and educate rural disadvantaged refugee children through tennis.Thank you so much for reading my story. I love working with you. You can follow us on Instagram @kcsuganda. Godbless you


At KCS Uganda we have got good volunteer rooms for accommodating our volunteers.

Accommodation & Food cost

Some of our local dishes:Rice, Matooke (green bananas), fish, vegetables and meats. KCS Uganda has got well-wishers in the community who have decided to provide us with local food straight from their gardens for free.


KCS Uganda is located in Kyegegwa District in Western Uganda.It is about 3 hours from Kampala and around 4 hours from Entebbe International Airport.

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