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We are a community based grassroot project created upon values of tennis as a lifetime sport and effective cooperation in rural Uganda.

Who can volunteer

Anyone can volunteer at Kids Closer To Sports both male and female wether your a sports coach, tennis tennis or you love working with children and the community.

Volunteer job

We have some volunteer jobs including;

Teaching village children tennis or any other new sport.
Family outreach in the village here we can involve visiting elders, visiting the sick.
Community outreach ( this can be teaching in the near by school English or any other subject, creating developmental projects for the community such as fundraising, creating campaigns.
Conducting workshops on community development, human rights, AIDS awareness, etc
Writing articles
Introducing new games to the local people and children like basketball, volleyball, cricket etc.
Teaching children practical skill like tailoring, making crafts.

We would love to have new ideas from you. Any idea is welcome!

What to expect

The local people of Wekomire village are very friendly and love working with people and expressing culture.


A single small tennis court in Wekomire village Kyegegwa where children can play any sport teaches over 35 children from the village of Wekomire and the refugee camp of Western Uganda.

What started out as a vision and a dream has now turned out to be a masterpiece example of hard work, commitment and a very healthy dose of community spirit. To learn more about our story visit:


We have two bedrooms with bathrooms in the volunteers house and also a dinning.

Accommodation & Food cost

We ask for a contribution of $300 a month or $10 a day if you are staying less than a month.

If you would love to get details about the volunteer program: manuals, accommodation, travel, associated costs, etc you can email us at -


Kyegegwa District where Kids Closer To Sports is located is in a remote rural part of western Uganda. A mixture of agricultural farming, villages and refugee camps.

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