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Volunteer in rural Uganda
Supporting brighter futures for children-youth living in rural Uganda, Africa through sports, educational support and community development.

The Kyegegwa district where Kids Closer To Sports Uganda is located was one of the areas hardest hit by HIV/AIDS crisis leaving a devastating trail of child-headed families in it's wake. Grandparents were left to care for dozens of orphaned grandchildren and the community struggled to cope. Today Kyegegwa district is a mixture of agricultural farming villages and refugee camps with over 125,000 settlements.

In 2018, Ben saw tennis being played on the TV whilst in his local store and instantly decided he wanted to learn to play. He bought an old racquet and a couple of balls and played against a wall to hone his skills. From there other local children got interested and Ben began helping them play.

Word and interest spread, and Ben initially strung up a makeshift court on borrowed local land and formed his own tennis/sports programme, naming it ‘Kids Closer To Sport Uganda’. He has subsequently become a role model to his local community,he decided to help introduce tennis to a wider group of local children within the refugee camps and villages in his region. To enable this he decided that he would need to build his own tennis court to make playing more accessible. He proceeded to first locate and negotiate with a local farmer to buy some land and raised the money to purchase the small plot. Bringing together some friends, he began the long process of carving out the court from the hillside, hand digging and levelling the court using picks shovels and wheelbarrows.

What started out as a vision and a dream has now turned out to be a masterpiece example of hard work, commitment and a very healthy dose of community spirit.

Today Kids Closer To Sports Uganda supports over 35 children in the village of Wekomire with shoes, clothes etc.

Who can volunteer

We welcome anybody who wants to volunteer with us wether your a sports enthusiast or not or just love working with kids. We invite self-motivated, forward-thinkers with open minds to KCTSU. Your duties will not be handed to you - there is no set format, no text book. With respect, empathy, and personal motivation, you can find your own unique way to make a difference.

Volunteer job

There are a wide range of areas you can get involved in at KCTSU:

Teaching: English, Maths, Computers, Science, Social Studies. Whatever you specialise in!

Skilled work: We need sports coaches, tennis coaches,agricultural specialists, vets, nurses, doctors, dentists.

Teacher Education: We invite education professionals to help train and upskill teachers in the nearby community school.

Music, Art: If you love any of these – come teach them. No formal training required.

Community Entrepreneurship: Come help inspire and create projects that will empower the community.

Sing a song, read a book, play a game. The children will be so happy to just spend time with you

What to expect

Kids Closer To Sports Uganda is is not just a tennis court, but a full community initiative. Thanks to a variety of projects that also educate and empower the community. Children and adults alike are taught not only how to play sports and tennis but also how to read and write,make crafts,save money and invest in income-generating projects.


The project is run by Ben Nteza, local Ugandan who established KCTSU in 2018. KCTSU is not just for tennis or a volunteer project, it’s truly a family. The village people,children, volunteers and the wider community all work together to make KCTSU what it is.


We have 3 private visitors rooms at our farm house, with two beds in each room and an inside bathroom.

Accommodation & Food cost

At Kids Closer To Sports Uganda, we are all volunteers, thus your money does not pay for any office operations or salaries and there are no overhead fees. Your donation covers all your amenities during your stay, which includes:

3 meals daily (can cater to most diets)

We have 3 private visitors rooms at our farm house.

Hospitality who will clean and assist as needed

Please budget $50-​60 (USD) for airport pickup. We will collet you with our private taxi. This will be your most expensive cost in Uganda. The airport in Entebbe is 220.2 km from the farm and will take about 3hours and 54 minutes to transport you to the Farm house.

Volunteers must pay for personal trips to town as well. If you need an escort we can help you schedule one to assist you, however we ask that you pay for their transport costs, including meal if you stay over lunch time. Cost to town is less than $2 USD. Meals range from $2-4 USD.

Recommended length of stay is no more than 3-6 months due to visa requirements and extensions.


Kids welcomes volunteers of all ages, singles, couples, groups, and students. We also accept volunteers on excursions or those looking for a break from home life and wishing to stay for a short time. Anyone with a dream to help others and live among a local community are most welcome. We accept guests throughout the year!

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