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Narayan Seva Childrens Home
Narayan Seva Children’s Home was started in June 2004 with one 4 year old child. It was started with the intention to provide shelter and education for the needy ,marginalized and disadvantaged children.

All children should have the opportunity to develop their full human potential in the physical , mental and spiritual levels. The practice of universal love develops a noble character. The children are encouraged to make active and meaningful contributions to their nation and to the welfare of humanity.

Based on the progressive system of Neo- Humanist Education , under the guidance of dedicated teachers ,students not only acquire academic skills and knowledge , but also gain strength of character and high ideals.

Who can volunteer

We need talented female volunteers or couples / family who would like to come spend time with our children. The volunteer should have a love for children and good character through which to act as a role example for the children.

Volunteer job

What will you do?
Volunteers can help in any of the following areas:
• Childcare
• Fundraising
• Teaching English
• Drawings or paintings.
• Handicrafts or Other skills.
• Gardening.
• Songs, teaching musical instrument etc

What to expect


Didi Sujata is the project director and she will communicate with the volunteers. She is a very friendly person who is warm and hospitable. She speaks very good English and will make you feel at home right away. She is also open to change and new ideas as far as the management of her project is concerned.


This price includes food and a room for each volunteer. Accommodation includes a clean toilet, cooking facilities etc.

Accommodation & Food cost

1st month Eur 375
Subsequent months + Eur 250


We have 2 locations: the children’s home is in the city. It is a big piece of land, around 47 acre (100m2=1 acre). The beach is just 1 km from our center and the environment is safe. The other place is a garden where we have some trees of mango, coconut, rambutan ,bananas.

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