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KIDS was started by a core group of dedicated social workers, all who are inspired by ideals of dedicating their lives to the upliftment of needy children and the philosophy of Neo-Humanism.

Kate Ericksen (the founder) started this website in March 2003 whilst on a 6 month "holiday" in Brazil, where she and her husband were researching possibilities into starting an orphanage. In the end, they decided to help the existing childrens homes that they visited, and the idea of Kids Worldwide was established.

Kate Ericksen Overall Director and Web Designer: Kate Ericksen
Aside from running the Lotus childrens centre in Ghana for 5 years, Kate was also involved in running pre-school programmes in Kenya and South Africa for 3 years. Currently, Kate is back in New Zealand teaching technology to 11-13 year old children. She maintains communication with all project directors and volunteer coordinators associated with projects affiliated with Kids Worldwide. She designs the majority of the Kids Worldwide website and in 2009 has been instrumental in establishing a childrens home project in the Philippines with her husband Jay.
Jay Martin
Kids Worldwide Davao HQ construction: Jay Lopena
Jay has lived in a variety of countries on the African and South American continents over the last 20 years. Jay has a degree in 3D architectural drawing and is currently in the Philippines organising the construction of our Kids WW Headquarters. He is also assisting with the two orphanage projects we are supporting there.
Lawson Website Admin & Program Coordinator: Heartwill Teyi
Heartwill Teyi- a.ka. Lawson served as a full-time volunteer in Cape-Coast and also at Ejura Primary School for 2 years. In 2008 he moved to Uruguay (South America) to live, where he is currently based. He maintains the website and provides technical support to the users.

Volunteer Coordinators - West Africa

Jenna Jo Smith West Africa Supervisor:Jenna J. Smith
Jenna volunteered at Ejura (in Ghana) two times, in 2004 and 2005. Jenna helps advertise for KIDS Worldwide and was the volunteer coordinator for Ejura for 4 years, finally handing over in early 2009. At home in Canada she has volunteered a lot, mostly with children and those infected and affected by HIV and AIDS. She currently works for an international training organisation in Canada.
Caro Montpetit Ghana - Ejura Primary School: Caroline Montpetit
Caroline has worked for human rights associations as a Communications Project Officer in Morroco as well as working at the Canadian International Development Agency in children’s rights. She is the Vice-President of a food bank in her community and will be returning to Ejura in May 2009. Whilst in Ejura, she will be completing research for her Bachelor in International Development.
Joanna Merrett
Ghana - Daddy's Day Care Centre: Joanna Merrett
Joanna has a Higher Education Diploma in Psychology and a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Sociology. She has worked with nursery age children for several years and worked in a respite centre for disabled children.Her current mission is working towards getting a computer lab into every school in Ghana. In 2008, she organised 156 computers to be sent over and this year and next will be returning on regular trips to start teacher training using the computers. Joanna is also working with a small group of teachers who have worked in the UK and Ghana to promote school links in Ghana and the UK.
Matthew Squire Ghana - Cosmic Academy: Matthew Squire
Matthew lives in Vancouver, Canada where he is studying International Relations and French at the University of British Columbia. He volunteered at Cosmic Academy in 2007 where he fell in love with the school, the children and the country of Ghana. He loves to travel and experience new cultures. Matthew will be studying at Sciences Po in Paris, France for a full year beginning in September 2008. He looks forward to returning to Africa soon to continue his travels.
Rory Peters Ghana - Kwahu Tafo: Rory Peters
Rory has been to volunteer in Tafo twice, in 2006 and 2008 and has a close affiliation with the project - currently registering it within the UK and trying to give it a sustainable future. He is currently living in London working in a large homeless shelter with vulnerable adults and is completing his MSc in Development Studies at SOAS. Longer term aspirations are in the humanitarian sector and he is currently gaining experience as a logistics volunteer with the British Red Cross.
Dada Daneshananda Ghana - clinics: Dada Daneshananda
Dada is the project coordinator for AMURT projects in Ghana. He has lived in Africa since 2000 and is based in Accra. Dada is in charge of a water project in the Volta Region as well as communicates with all volunteers interested in assisting in the medical projects in the villages. Before going to Ghana, Dada lived for many years in the USA as well as the Philippines. He is originally from Norway.
Spencer Sekyer Sierra Leone - Rhema: Spencer Sekyer
Spencer Sekyer obtained his Bachelor of Physical Education and Bachelor of Education degrees in 1991 and 1992 respectively at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada. Spencer is passionate about helping in areas of need in the world. He enjoys many sports and along with his wife Dr. Christie MascDonald, a chiropractor, and their dogs, they enjoy spending their spare time pursuing outdoor activities.

Volunteer Coordinators - East Africa

Uganda - St Paul KAASO: Kirsty Simmons
John Mary Uganda - URCSF:John Mary Lugemwa, OSB
John Mary grew up in Uganda, but currently lives in the United States. He has experience directing international volunteer programs for groups of college students groups as well as individuals from the U.S. He is currently a student St. John’s University in Minnesota pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy.
Melissa Fricke Uganda - Bula Childrens Home: Melissa Fricke
Melissa first came to Kinship in November 2006 after graduating from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania with a BA in International Relations and French. After four months at Kinship, she returned to her home in New York and formed a nonprofit organization, BULAinc, in order to raise the money necessary to rebuild the school attended by the majority of the Kinship children. After completing the school in June 2008, Melissa continues to maintain her close relationship with the children, the project, and the volunteers through her role as Volunteer Coordinator.

Volunteer Coordinators - Asian Projects

Didi Manika Asia Supervisor: Didi Manika
Didi hails from Bali, Indonesia where she was involved in tsunami relief work in Banda Aceh in 2004/5. Didi moved to New Zealand in 2005 and was involved in womens refuge work as well as being a full time yoga teacher for Ananda Marga. Since October 2006, Didi has been the supervisor for the Asian projects. At the end of 2009, Didi moved to Melbourne, where she has taken on the position of kindergarten manager.
Anne Cecile
Thailand - Baan Unrak Childrens Home:Anne-Cecile
Originally from France, Anne-Cecile, in her mid-30's, has lived in the USA for 1 year and in England for 18 months. She has done several jobs - from sales rep - to assisting an international buyer for textiles - to owning a pizza van. Anne-Cecile is currently living at Baan Unrak because she thinks that being helpful and useful is more important in life than earning money to buy a bigger TV or a bigger car. "Life is short so you need to do what you want rather than having regrets. Now is the time for me to achieve what I have been willing to do since I was 5 years old."
  Nepal - Compassion Orphanage: Sonja Muzika

Sonya comes from Canada and spent 2 months at Compassion in 2010.

Rebecca Smith
Nepal - Harka Orphan Home: Rebecca Smith
Rebecca returned from her second visit to Harka Orphan Home in July 2010.  Having graduated from university five years ago with a literature/composition degree, she is now venturing into the world of nursing.  Rebecca will be doing her coursework in Memphis, Tennessee, USA, beginning August 2010, and hopes to use such skills to work with children all over the world--including the kids at Harka.
Lysianne Robbiani
India -Mother Teresa Handicapped Childrens Home: Lysianne Robbiani
Born and living in Switzerland, Lysianne has a Diploma in special education and works with disabled children and teenagers in Switzerland. She spent 7 months in Udumalpet volunteering at Mother Teresa, along with the people at the school.
Radostina Nikolova
Indonesia - Narayan Seva: Radostina Nikolova (Tina)
Tina is in her mid 20's, from Bulgaria, but is currently living in Seoul, South Korea where she is working on her Master's Degree , majoring in International Cooperation with a focus on International Security.  She spent a couple of weeks at Narayan Seva in February 2010. An orphan herself, with no brothers or sisters, Tina is used to solving problems independently and having noone else to rely on, or to rely on her. This February, however, she found a new family. She now has about 50 younger brothers and sisters of whom she needs to take care!

Malati India - Shillong, Uma Nivas, Jaipur & Trivandrum: Malati
Malati is orginally from England, but has been working in India for over 15 years, learning about the culture, the languages and the people. Five years ago she started a programme to help provide infrastructure to struggling village schools and has since arranged funds for many schools to help them to become self-sufficient.

Volunteer Coordinators -South America

Bart Bijen Brazil - Casa do Caminho: Bart Bijen
Bart was the first volunteer coordinator for Brazil when he spent 6 months at Casa do Caminho from September '03 to March '04. Following his stay in Brazil, Bart travelled around South America. Whilst in Peru, Bart started a new street childrens centre in Huaraz. Bart then returned to the Netherlands in September 2004 to take up a business and management course at a local university. In 2007, Bart took over the management and directorship of Casa do Caminho in Brazil. He shares communication with volunteers currently staying at the project.
  Peru: Kyra Grieco
Kyra is an ex-volunteer of Incawasi, who has come to be very involved in the project. She is an anthropologist from Italy, and is in charge of the selection of new volunteers for Incawasi.