Supporting Childrens Projects

Every year since we started Kids Worldwide, we have accepted approximately 5-8 new projects. If you wish to affiliate with us and receive volunteers, please read the information below; once you are in line with our policy, create an account here.


You must provide a room for volunteers in your project if you wish to take part in our programme. A clean and simple, light-filled room with a bed and mattress is sufficient for most volunteers. Be aware that they do need a space in which they can have their own privacy. The room should have a lock on the door so they can leave their valuables there without worry.

By providing quarters for the volunteer to stay in, you will be able to collect a contribution from the volunteer for their accomodation. The amount that the volunteers will give has already been determined. Please check the fees section to clarify what they will be bringing as a donation for your orphanage. If you do not have a suitable room available, you will have to organise for the volunteer to either stay with a family in the area or to rent a building for the volunteers. You would not be able to collect the accomodation contribution in this case obviously.

Duty Allocation:

You must specify a duty for the volunteer to be in charge of. Typical duties include:


Upon receiving the volunteer's application it's very important that you reply to them immediately. We will provide participating projects with a manual to help you organise your placements and sample letters as well as a simple database to organise your bookings. We require that you regularly keep in touch with us also to inform when you have vacancies so we can keep the website accurate with regard to placements. We also use this information to best determine where to place volunteers who are open to being placed in several projects.


Provide constant feedback and encouragement to the volunteer. They need to know if they are doing what you want and remember they are in a foreign culture so be as supportive and understanding as you can. Explain to them your culture and basic social niceties - how to greet people, how to behave in certain situations. Teach them some phrases in the local language which will endear them to the public...

Often the first week that the volunteer is staying with you will be one of adjustment and settling in. For some, it may be the first time they have travelled overseas, in which case, there is always likely to be a period of culture shock and uncertainty. Be as supportive as you can during this time.


KIDS Worldwide subscribes to universal ideals in that we support the physical, mental and spiritual growth of all peoples, however, we do not allow that the volunteers programme be used as a platform for indoctrination. If your project has a particular doctrine which you adhere to or religious leanings, please ensure that these beliefs will rather encourage you to respect the volunteer, regardless of their religion and particular beliefs.

It is not appropriate that you ask volunteers to take part in your religious meetings or programmes or ask them to take or teach religious classes. They will respect your beliefs and the manner in which the children are being raised, and will be open-minded in this respect. They will also be expected to behave as good examples whilst at your project.


Safety: While the volunteer is staying at your project, you must accept all reasonable responsibility to ensure their safety and well-being. They need to be shown around to enable them to get acquainted with the area and places where they will be working. Send a local person to accompany them when they go out of the compound until they are confident to go out alone without getting lost. Be sure that the volunteer understands which areas of the city may be dangerous and how to dress accordingly so that they don't attract attention. You should schedule the hours together with the volunteer which they would be expected to be involved in duties. Outside of these times, make them aware of the hours which you expect them to return at night if they do go out.

Pleasure trips: If the volunteer will travel for periods of time away from the project site, in an activity unrelated to that of your orphanage, you will not be responsible during these periods.

Health: Should a volunteer fall ill whilst in your care, please ensure that they can get good quality medical treatment from a registered doctor.

Still interested to affiliate with us to receive volunteers? Then create an account here. If you can send any supporting documents such as scanned certificates of registration of your NGO, that will be very much appreciated.

You may wish to download the following documents as well and send them with your application email:

Info for Directors - Part 1 Hosting volunteers and our expectations (print and keep)

Info for Directors - Part 2 Website details document (send to us)

Background organisational information (send to us)

Disclaimer: KIDS Worldwide does not take any responsibility for any eventualities that may arise with regard to the volunteer's stay in your project. We will do our best to help co-ordinate suitable volunteers for your project as a service being offered purely from humanitarian sentiment. We can not guarantee placements nor take any responsibility for cancellation of applicants.