Our Vision




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pics of children

Our Mission:

Kids Worldwide seeks to improve the quality of life for children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We provide nurturing care and educational programmes based upon the universal concepts of Neo-Humanism, which are tailored to the needs of the children in our projects.

We aim to provide services to already established orphanages and schools through our volunteer outreach programs.

Our Values:

KIDS believe that every child comes into this world with a divine nature. In order for children to realise their potential, they must learn how to give and receive love. Opportunities must be afforded them whereby they can develop all aspects of their personalities: creative, social, emotional, intellectual, physical and intuitional.

While institutional care of children may provide them with some of the basic necessities, the need for individual nurturing often goes unattended. KIDS believes in creating programs that provide measurable and lasting benefits for all participants.

Our Objectives