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KIDS was started by a core group of dedicated social workers, all who are inspired by ideals of dedicating their lives to the upliftment of needy children and the philosophy of Neo-Humanism.

Kate Ericksen (the founder) started this website in March 2003 whilst on a 6 month "holiday" in Brazil, where she and her husband were researching possibilities into starting an orphanage. In the end, they decided to help the existing childrens homes that they visited, and the idea of Kids Worldwide was established.

Kate Ericksen Overall Director and Web Designer: Kate Ericksen
Aside from running the Lotus childrens centre in Ghana for 5 years, Kate was also involved in running pre-school programmes in Kenya and South Africa for 3 years. Currently, Kate is back in New Zealand teaching technology to 11-13 year old children. She maintains communication with all project directors and volunteer coordinators associated with projects affiliated with Kids Worldwide. She designs the majority of the Kids Worldwide website and in 2009 has been instrumental in establishing a childrens home project in the Philippines with her husband Jay.
Jay Martin
Kids Worldwide Davao HQ construction: Jay Lopena
Jay has lived in a variety of countries on the African and South American continents over the last 20 years. Jay has a degree in 3D architectural drawing and is currently in the Philippines organising the construction of our Kids WW Headquarters. He is also assisting with the two orphanage projects we are supporting there.
Lawson Website Admin & Program Coordinator: Heartwill Teyi
Heartwill Teyi- a.ka. Lawson served as a full-time volunteer in Cape-Coast and also at Ejura Primary School for 2 years. In 2008 he moved to Uruguay (South America) to live.. He maintains the website and provides technical support to the users.
Uganda - St Paul KAASO: Kirsty Simmons
John Mary Uganda - URCSF:John Mary Lugemwa, OSB
John Mary grew up in Uganda, but currently lives in the United States. He has experience directing international volunteer programs for groups of college students groups as well as individuals from the U.S. He is currently a student St. John’s University in Minnesota pursuing degrees in Computer Science and Philosophy.
Melissa Fricke Uganda - Bula Childrens Home: Melissa Fricke
Melissa first came to Kinship in November 2006 after graduating from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania with a BA in International Relations and French. After four months at Kinship, she returned to her home in New York and formed a nonprofit organization, BULAinc, in order to raise the money necessary to rebuild the school attended by the majority of the Kinship children. After completing the school in June 2008, Melissa continues to maintain her close relationship with the children, the project, and the volunteers through her role as Volunteer Coordinator.
Malati India - Shillong, Uma Nivas, Jaipur & Trivandrum: Malati
Malati is orginally from England, but has been working in India for over 15 years, learning about the culture, the languages and the people. Five years ago she started a programme to help provide infrastructure to struggling village schools and has since arranged funds for many schools to help them to become self-sufficient.